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white dragon by ZannaArt

I find that this picture of the white Dragon Is a great artistic creation, with it's beautifull desighns and color blending it coaght m...

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Play this game for fun meet new friends, gather cheese and customize your character.…

Illuminous icon by safirethedragon this song is what I would concider illuminous's theme song to be.… /… I feel that these songs captures Illuminous's innocence.

I am a dragon fanatic with the pashion for dragon art espesialy spyro and cynder. I am a Story teller and i write stories, my pashion is to make fiction feel real and imagination come to life. I also am a White Dragon. My greatist love is Starlight (Starla) and always will be. I am a kind hearted dragon who would never be mean to anyone for my own gain, I care for others safety and well being. I will be a friend if not a brother to anyone who needs it. Also This Art I am useing for my ID was made by :iconblack-ragdoll: , so don't copy it without my permition . The Avatar Icon I'm using is made by :iconsafirethedragon: Illuminous icon by safirethedragon Illumus jd by safirethedragon
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As fear came closer to the frightening  dragon he then realized that his brother wasn’t even a Spectral dragon but the carnage of full darkness. Fear took more time as to looking at Illuminous’s new curse, his scales had changed from white to a crimson black, his eye’s were all black except the iris which was a terrifying shade of red, and his teeth were now sharper than before sharing the frightening grin he possessed.  

“Illumus, this isn’t a spectral form… be honest I don’t know what this is, all I know is that it is radiating lots of darkness.” Said fear looking Illuminous over.  As Illumus took a closer look he found that fear was right, it was just darkness, or at least some carnage of it.

“So, how and when did I gain this curse?” said Illuminous a bit angry and confused. Fear took the time to think before he spoke, “What if it was cynder? I mean she did fill you with darkness when you were a child.” Illuminous’s expression turned horrifying as he stared at fear, “WHAT IS YOUR DEAL WITH CYNDER LATELY? WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO YOU THAT HAS GOT YOU SO JUDGEMENTIVE?” Fear began to back up a bit before saying, “I-I’m sorry brother, I didn’t mean to upset you it’s just I….” fear was interrupted by Illuminous as he lifted his paw.

“ I know how you feel but that was a long time ago, she was corrupted and that’s it, besides this is far from cynders doing.” “Then who had this power besides convexis?” asked fear, Illuminous had taken some time to think before answering. “I think it was malefor’s doing” “…malefor……why do you say that?” asked fear. “It was him who had filled my head with lies and so the same would be for the darkness, if not him then there might be another dragon we have to worry about other than convexis.” Illumus said looking at the night sky.

“… with this new form I don’t think you can be called Illuminous or fear, so what name do you feel is best for this form?” asked fear, Illuminous just sat and pondered the idea for a moment before he made that devious grin, “Shadowlurker.”

Fear just sat there looking him over and comparing the name to his form, “….it fits you, I like it.” “Now as to what you were asking about why I think convexis is innocent is cause I had a dream of her or I think it was her, it was a small child that looked like her anyway, but with a dragon standing next to the child. I can’t make out the dragon but I feel the child is convexis…..she looked happier than she is now….much more pure.” Explained Shadowlurker. Fear just sat there with a face that looked kind of derp like. “Wh-what?”

“Yes, that is why I need to find the chronicler, only he would know more about convexis….but for now we need to find out more about the kidnapping of darkfire.” Said shadowlurker. “… mean dragonnapping.” They both turned to see before them Drake, Illuminous’s brother. Illuminous changed back into his normal form before asking drake what he was doing here. “Oh I thought you might need help.” Said drake with enthusiasm.
Book One Pg. 42: The Memories
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Pg. 41

As Illuminous was walking fear felt he wanted to chat with the white dragon, “Hey, what’s up brother, you seem a bit upset? Is it probably because of darkfire or is it convexis?” Said fear trying to distract illumus from his thoughts for a moment.

“Yes and no.” said illumus still looking out at the distance.

“……What do you mean by yes and no?” asked fear with a perplexed look on his face. Illuminous just stared at him for a little while before speaking again, “Yes I am thinking of both of the two thoughts you asked because you know how I feel about darkfire and what she did to my life growing up as well as with convexis cause of my hatred for her and what she did, no cause well the thought that is going through my mind is far different than that.”

Fear could only look with an even more dumbfounded look than before, “ok, then what’s going through your mind then, what, did you dream of convexis or something? Oh wait I got it, you think she’s innocent and is not truly evil, right?” said fear laughing.

Illumus looked straight on before responding yes, fear couldn’t believe what he just heard. “Illumus you’re not serious are you, I mean come on, she is a bloodthirsty killer how could she be innocent?” Fear asked.

Iluminous was hesitant at first to tell his brother but soon shook it off swallowing the lump in his throat. “Fear, I have something I must confess, it may seem strange but I assure you I will still have control.” Said Illuminous, soon after a swirling vortex engulfed the white dragon and with a ghostly sound the vortex vanished showing the now transformed dragon into a ghostly form.

Fear could not believe what he was seeing and screamed as loud than illumus had ever heard, actually this was the first time he had ever heard fear scream in terror. Fear soon hid behind a large boulder and spoke with a trembling voice, “I-I-Illuminous w-what t-t-the heck happened t-t-to you?”

Illumus looked confused and then spoke, “This is what was on my mind.” Said Illumus, his voice was just as haunting as his form, for his beginning word seemed to trail shy to normal every time he spoke.

“I see that but do you know what you are?” said fear still hiding behind the boulder. “Yes, I am what many would call a spectral dragon, or a night terror. But like I said I have control, you need not fear me brother. Please, come out from behind that boulder, you’re hurting my feelings.” Illumus asked as fear came from out from hiding.
Book One Pg. 41:The Memories
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Dear family, friends, and readers,

My Microsoft work is now working again and i am continuing with my stories, i had a hard time with getting it fixed but it is done, starting on monday i will be typing and posting the next pages.

Your brother, friend, and storyteller,

Illuminous Light Brightscales

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